What’s Your Favourite Item of Equipment for a Hike? South Tyrol Walking [Competition in Collaboration with Inntravel]

One of the joys of hiking or walking is the simplicity. Open the front door and leave. It can be as simple as that.

Although I’m laid low for a few weeks thanks to a minor back injury, I’m itching to get out and explore the world again, especially in the sunny weather that London has been having recently.

When I’m out walking, I’m almost guaranteed to have two items with me. Firstly, a decent pair of boots (or trail shoes) is a must – both for comfort and safety. Secondly, I’m very rarely without a waterproof jacket – even in the summer sun.

One area of Europe I’ve not yet seen is the Dolomites, in northern Italy. Quite frankly, it looks amazing, and I hope to visit one day soon.

But for now, courtesy of @inntravel, a travel company who specialise in slow holidays, I’m giving away a hiking kit that incorporates everything you would need on your hiking trails; a drinking bottle, a multifunctional cloth, some mountain pine foot gel, a cloth bag, and Marende snack board (flat bread & red wine) with dried fruit. All the entry details are below, and I’ll contact the winner after 31st July.

They are currently promoting their walking holidays in South Tyrol in Italy, so why not take a look?

Thank you for entering – this competition is now closed.

Dolomites, Italy (from http://all-free-download.com/)

Dolomites, Italy (from http://all-free-download.com/)


I have not (yet) used Inntravel for a walking trip, this post is not an endorsement or recommendation of their services. This post is a Sponsored Competition at their suggestion.


26 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Item of Equipment for a Hike? South Tyrol Walking [Competition in Collaboration with Inntravel]

  1. Good quality boots are the most essential item apart from the wine of course 😉 And foot gel and fluffy soft socks, ok maybe that just me with the fluffy socks. Great comp thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

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