About me

One Pace Forward my blog for hiking, adventure, travels, history & more, both in the UK and beyond. I’m using the site to share my experiences and passions with others, to provide some inspiration and information.

I’m James, and I’ve lived in London for the past few years, having previously worked for Ramblers in their membership department.  I’ve also worked for VisitBritain, the British tourist board.

I’m also a home brewer and beer enthusiast – be it in keg, cask, bottle or can, and I can often be found exploring breweries, pubs and restaurants in London and around, trying to spend as much time as possible doing the things I enjoy.

After growing up in Surrey, I lived in Bristol and Edinburgh, and I consider the Highlands of Scotland my home away from home, being fortunate that I can often be found on the shores of Loch Sunart in Strontian, near Fort William.

Thanks for taking the time to read my pages. If you wish to contact me, you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn or by email onepaceforward [at] gmail [dot] com

Finally, if you have any questions, or advice to give me, please get in touch!


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14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Well, we should get along just fine. I developed such a love for hiking, that even now, almost at the age of 60, with no real way to get out of town, I still walk (in the city) roughly 14-16 miles per day, or more during the warmer months, and 8-12 miles per day during the cooler seasons. That basically makes up my Blog. So, nice to meet you, and we’ll see you again, real soon.

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  2. Well done, James. Sam and I are very impressed with your writing. Els and Pete are pleased as punch, I’m sure. Now, I’ll be very interested to see how you integrate beer styles into the travelogues. Your Dad and I did Belgium last year, where we reckoned there were hundreds of beer brands and styles. Now that is a task. But given that it’s Belgium, the beer sampling can make it a more compelling destination than for – shall we say- the scenery.

    We’ll be in Cornwall this October, and I was wondering if you could give me some brewery tips, and walks, to impress my travel companions.


    • Hey Mark. Thank you – that’s very kind of you! I’m well overdue a beer post, yes! We travelled back from Sweden by train through Germany & Belgium last year, which I’ll get to writing up at some point. I’m sure Liz won’t mind me saying that the destinations were slightly beer influenced!

      Hope to see you when you are over – I’m down that way in May for a weekend, so I’ll pass information on! Certainly you can’t go wrong with walking the SouthWest Coastal path. I think Harbour Brewing are pretty good, and I’m sure there will be other smaller breweries who only distribute locally (or rarely up to London). The bigger breweries beers from Sharps (DoomBar is now a national sized beer, partly after a takeover by Coors), Skinners and St Austell, you’ll be able to find fairly easily in most pubs I would have thought.


      • Thanks, James. I seem to recall an ale called Tinners in Cornwall – the name makes sense given all the old tin mines. Is that still around? With any luck we’ll see you in the Fall. Plenty of great trails here in Palm Springs, and elsewhere in California, should you get the urge. Lots of room at our hacienda.


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